works with mid-size and emerging non-profits to create and implement fundraising strategy based on donor-centric best practices. We can be your resource for every fund development need. Whether you need help planning or implementing a specific project, or want to outsource your entire development department – we’re here for you. We are unique in the depth of knowledge and flexible approach to collaboration.

We are your fund development partner!

Health Assessment

Sometimes you know that things aren’t ideal, but don’t know where to even start to implement improvements. Acorn Group has a low-cost, short-term assessment that allows you to have expert insight on your program, donor-base and tactics. You’ll receive a real-world understanding of exactly where your fund development strengths and weaknesses are and what you can do to improve!

Capital Campaigns

At Acorn Group, capital campaigns are a specialty and they are different than other types of fundraising. We can walk you through each step from a feasibility study, creating a briefing book, qualifying prospects, all the way through converting capital campaign donors to supporting other aspects of your mission.

Annual or Operating Fund Campaigns

Have you ever thought, “I wish the annual fund would just happen.” And for many organizations, that’s the approach; that, “it will just somehow magically happen.” But it doesn’t. Want to make it stronger? Take this 5-question survey to assess the strength of your annual fund strategy . . .