Acorn Group in Charlottesville Hopes to Help Nonprofits Raise Funds

Published by NBC29

A new Charlottesville business is hoping to bring help nonprofits bring in some major cash.

Allison Scholl started what she calls the Acorn Group.

The company's mission is to help nonprofits with fundraising and expansion operations.

Scholl has been involved with nonprofits since she was 16 years old.

She says there is an acute need for the services her company offers both locally and around the country.

"What I’ve found is that although we have a huge resource base here in Charlottesville in our nonprofit community, what we don't have is a lot of expertise in fundraising and capacity building and that's really what Acorn Group provides," said Allison Scholl, Acorn Group owner.

Currently, Scholl has worked with the Brooks Family YMCA and Building Goodness Foundation, among other non-profits.